Astra Joynt // Midwifery Services Disclaimer

Information contained on this site is intended to support, not replace, discussion with your midwife

Midwife Astra Joynt is registered with AHPRA and meets the midwifery standards of practice and practices according to the code of ethics and professional conduct. Astra conducts midwifery services guided by the midwifery guidelines for referral to provide expert advice and evidence based practice. 

As a midwife, Astra Joynt is insured as per registration requirements. Above all, Astra Joynt practices with integrity for her clients and alongside other midwives to promote a safe and sacred service to the community. 

Astra Joynt reveres the woman as the expert on her own body and spirit and to quote the pregnancy care guidelines I believe in woman-centred care which "focuses on the woman’s unique needs, expectations and aspirations; recognises her right to self-determination in terms of choice, control and continuity of care; and addresses her social, emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual and cultural needs and expectations" (NHMRC, 2018).