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When should I contact my midwife?

If you have booked your homebirth, your midwife or her back-up midwife are available for URGENT midwifery care 24/7. If it is urgent, please phone, do NOT use text.

If your midwife is not available or does not answer the phone, please call back in 5 minutes, as I may be busy with another client.


  • Sudden abdominal pain, cramps or contractions, prior to 37 weeks.
  • Your waters have broken. Do not delay if fluid is brown or green tinged (the baby has passed meconium), or the waters look very bloody.
  • Fresh vaginal bleeding.
  • An unusual and/or sudden headache and/or vision changes, especially after 20 weeks.
  • A reduction or significant change in baby movements.
  • You suffer a blow to your belly such as a fall, car accident, or assault.

If you are unable to contact your midwife for any reason, please call Birth Suite at: Lismore Base Hospital on  02 66207450 or Tweed Hospital 07 5506 7490 or Grafton Base Hospital 02 6641 8490

What about general questions?

As I am sure you will understand, being constantly available creates the potential for midwives to 'burn-out'. I do not want this to happen, so I'm asking for your help. For non-urgent matters, please make contact with me during the hours of 8am-4pm Mon-Fri. Saving up your general questions until scheduled appointments is preferred, however if you believe you question cannot wait, please feel free to text or phone me on 0400 626 207.

For coughs, colds and symptoms not related to your pregnancy, please speak to your GP or Pharmacist.

For COVID-19 questions, please call Healthdirect: 1800 022 222

I would like to give birth at home, do you travel to my area?

I live in Lismore, NSW and will gladly travel around the Northern Rivers (Goonelabah, The Channon, Nimbin, Bangalow, Byron Bay, Suffolk Park, Mullumbimby, Ocean Shores, South Golden Beach, Ballina, Brunswick Heads, Yamba). If you are wondering if I will travel to your particular location please feel free to get in contact with me to discuss.

Are you a Lactation Consultant?

No, I am not yet a lactation consultant, but through many years of midwifery experience I have gained a wealth of knowledge and techniques to support breastfeeding. If your concern continues past the first six weeks, or is beyond my skill, I will refer you to a lactation consultant.

Is homebirth safe?

Homebirth midwives are  experienced  in  emergency  care,  and  carry  safety  equipment  (often  as  much  as  small  maternity  units),  including  drugs  to  control  bleeding,  oxygen,  equipment  to  help  baby  breathe,  and  IV  fluids,  should  the  need  for  them  arise.  We  work in  close  collaboration with obstetricians  and/or  the  local  hospital  to  ensure  your  care  is  as  safe  as  possible.  In Australia, two midwives are required by law to attend birth at home or in a birth centre, which increases safety in case of emergency. Having  said  that,  most  homebirths  proceed  smoothly,  and  your  choice  and  autonomy  is  always  respected.  

To  find  out  more  about  homebirth,  see  my  resources.

I would like to have a water birth, can you do this?

Yes, many of my clients choose water birth and I provide a birth pool, pump and new liner to you for a small fee so you don't need to buy one at a higher cost (see costs for more details).

What breastfeeding support can you provide?

I can help you with sore nipples, positions for feeding, breast pain, milk supply and weight issues, reflux, thrush, assessing tongue tie, unsettled babies and frequent feeding, over supply and forceful let down, medications and feeding, sleep support, growth spurts, mastitis and blocked ducts, milk blisters, breastfeeding through illness. 

What financial assistance is available for private midwifery care?

Medicare covers a portion of the fee for antenatal and postnatal care. This service is currently under review, and may include homebirth and lactation services in the future. You can sign a petition to support homebirth, or give direct feedback to Medicare.

Some private health insurers will cover the gap; you will need to enquire with your health insurer directly.

Do I need a referral?

No. As I have a collaborative arrangement with an obstetrician, you will not need a referral. You will only need to see this obstetrician if your pregnancy requires it, or you wish to.

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